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NOTW: I have Miami on my Mind

April 11, 2010

I re-visited another color I over-wore last summer (2009) which was from OPI’s South Beach Collection.  Purple is my favorite color, and Done Out in Deco, is a beautiful lilac.  I love it against my complexion.  

Do you have a nail polish color you keep re-visiting? If so, which and why?

NOTW – Bright & Perfect for Spring

April 5, 2010

Color: Neon 4 – Cosmic Blue

I purchased this Mattesse Nail Polish from Ricky’s last summer. I actually purchased at least 3 other Neon’s from this collection along with this one. This color looks great on my toes too. Perfect color for brown/tanned/bronzed skin.

Price: The polish was $3.99 (very affordable)

Lasting ability: Lasts a litle over a week no chipping or bubbling.

Where to buy: Ricky’s if there’s one near you or you can order on-line from Perfumania

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Review: Dashing Diva True Color Base & Top Coat

April 1, 2010

When I went to the International Beauty Show on March 7, 2010 (see my review here) I picked up several nail polishes, two of which were Dashing Diva’s True Color Base & Top Coats.   They were being sold at IBS for $2 each (larger bottles ($5 – regretting not getting them).  The original price, I’m not really sure of, but I’ll update the post with the price as soon as I find out.  I do know that these base & top coats are only available through Dashing Diva Professional membership.

The purpose of both True Color products are to ensure your polish, when painted on your nails shows true to color, and not oxidize or fade as some polishes do over-time.   The base coat is white, to ensure the nail polish you’re applying is going on a clean, clear “canvas” – kind of like applying an nude or white eyeshadow base.

Does it work?: Yes.  Both products work really well.  My nail polish went on smoothly, true to color, and dried quickly without using a quick-dry product.  Also, the polish I applied lasted a week or so without chipping.  I didn’t experience any bubbling of my polish either. 

***During IBS I also purchased Essie’s 3-Way Glaze base & top coat. My nail polish lasted for a week, but the color changed so many times within that one week. My Tarte Deco Polish went from Coral, to Orange, to Neon Pink in some areas. 

Would I recommend?: Definitely. If you are able to find it. Pick up a bottle – or two.

Will I re-purchase?:  Most definitely! I just need to find it. I havent’ checked my Dashing Diva location to see if they sold it.  When I did go last week, they didn’t use this base & top coat, so I don’t know.

These are my nails painted with OPI Jade is the New Black on Saturday, March 27, 2010

These are my nails today (I just snapped this at work). Absolutely no chipping, just some new growth. My nails grow fast since I’ve been taking my Nutralite Women’s Pack.

What are your favorite base & top coats?
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Haul: Make Up For Ever, Red Cherry, NYX

March 21, 2010

Here are a few items I purchased within the last few weeks.

I went to Make Up For Ever Professional in the city yesterday, which was quite empty to my surprise.  I forgot to pick up Smokey Lash Mascara and a lipstick palette.  I also need to go back to pick up some eyeshadows & the HD blush.

This is what I bought from there:
HD Microfinishing Powder – Original Price $30
HD Invisible Cover Foundation #173 & #177 – Original Price $40
HD Concealer #355, #360, #345 – Original Price $28
All Mat  Primer – Original Price $45
Camouflage Concealer Palette #4 & #5 – Original Price $36

These are the Red Cherry Lashes I purchased from IHeartRedCherry.  They were $1.70 when they had their sale.  100% Human Hair & they are SO SO LIGHT! I love them.  I still Love my NYX Lashes though.

This is what I got from NYX
Jumbo E/S Pencils in the following Colors:
#622 Yellow
#618 Purple
#623 Orange
#616 Pacific
#607 Horse Raddish
#604 Milk
Orange Cream Blush – Great for Women of Color.

I also picked up this eyebrow grooming set for $9.50 from Duane Reade
It comes with a scissor, eyebrow shaver/brow comb (I will NEVER use), a brow brush.

My Nails for the last few days…

Essie Mint Candy Apple & Tart Deco on the Ring Finger

I went to Dashing Diva & got my toes painted in China Glaze For Audrey.

I hope you all had a great weekend .:smiles:.



My Calgel Manicure

March 8, 2010

Yesterday, while I was at the International Beauty Show at Jacob Javits Center in New York, I stumbled upon the Calgel America, Inc. booth.  Guess what they were doing? Giving Calgel manicures for $20!!! Do you know how excited I was? Typically, these manicures cost at least $60 for the manicure + $30 for the nail art = $90 & $45 for re-fills at Sakura Nail Spa in New York City.

I’ve been wanting to try Calgel for months now ever since a few friends of mine who get them on a regular basis suggested it to me.  stars such as Paris Hilton use calgel, and it was also featured in Marie Claire magazine.

The site describes Calgel as a nail system that promotes nail health, and unlike acrylics and glue, it will not damage your nails. calgel also does not chip, lift, or get rubbery.  Calgel is all natural. It can be used on false nail tips or as an overlay on natural nails (what I got yesterday). It’s available in almost 100 different colors, and the styles can vary. 

These manicures can last from 3-4 weeks depending on the style you get. I got french because I was told it would last longer; I wouldn’t be able to see the growth as much as I would if I got color.  I will try something fun & crazy next time.  

Calgel is cool because you don’t have to wait for anythign to dry; No more worrying about your nails smudging after you manicure from going in your purse or putting your coat on. 

Use non-acetone nail polish remover once a week to remove the clear top coat.  Take any clear, non-acetone top-coat & put on your nail to make it look shiny & new.
You can also paint over the calgel with any nail polish color of your choice.

Using google image search, I found the following different styles of calgel manicures.  I’ve always seen people with these, and wondered what it was.  Now, I know.