For the Oily Girls: How I Keep the Oil Away

Having oily skin is a gift and a curse.  I say that because when you have oily skin, your makeup tends to make you look like a grease box, and dirty.  Having oily skin is a gift in that it prevents you from aging as fast as other people, so we stay looking younger longer (blessing).

I am combination oily;  oily in my t-zone & normal-dry on the rest of my face.  It was a mess trying to apply makeup to then have it gone within a few hours.  After much research and trial and error, I finally found something that works for me.  I just want to point out that because it works for me, it may or may not work for you. Everyone is different.

Steps I take before applying my makeup:

1. After my face is washed & still damp, I tone my skin with Witch Hazel
2. Apply MAC’s Oil Control Lotion to my t-zone (forehead, nose & chin) – the places I get oily most. Apply regular moisturizer everywhere else. (Blot off excess with a paper towel)
3. Apply MUFE All Mat Primer to my t-zone (over the Oil Control Lotion)
4. Apply a light dusting (BLEND IN WELL) of Ben Nye’s Banana Powder (over the All Mat)
5. Apply your foundation or powder as you would normally do.

***I know it seems like a lot of steps, but, it definitely works. *** 

Also, if you have oily skin stay away from oil-based products, such as soaps, moisturizers, makeup, and even hair products.  YES, hair products.  Hair products tend to seep onto your face if you tend to sweat, and your body heat also sends the oil based product past your hairline.

I hope this helps :o)

Do you have oily skin? If so, what do you do to minimize the oil?

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9 Responses to “For the Oily Girls: How I Keep the Oil Away”

  1. Milan Says:

    Good tips and advice! I have the same type of skin (oily T-Zone and dry/combo everywhere else). I apply my Monistat Chaffing gel after I wash my face and apply my daily moisturizer which helps cut the shine. I blot with light dusting of translucent powder throughout the day (usually once or twice). This works for me. I may try MAC's oil control lotion though

  2. FabDiva20 Says:

    This is very helpful! I am between oily and combination oily and I should purchase MAC's Oil Control Lotion sometime soon for the summer since I get super oily during that season.

  3. VexintheCity Says:

    You apply your foundation on TOP of the Banana Powder and it doesn't go all weird and cakey? Hmm that's interesting.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Makeup by Kim Porter Says:

    @Milan I have to try the chaffing gel. I have yet to find it in store. I do not want to pay shipping on 1 $7 item lolYes, I apply it over the powder. It's only a small amt of powder. you can't even see it. I went to a few places like sephora, and mac & a few of the MUA's have suggested applying a little powder prior to for extra help absorbing the oil. It really works. just don't be too heavy handed & blend it out.

  5. Kyeda4 Says:

    Great advice. I will try the MAC oil control lotion…but I try oily skin all over. So hopefully this will help.

  6. Nooberella Says:

    fab tips, ive battled with my horrid oily skin for years =(at the moment using a oily control moisturiser (boots botanics) with a long lsting foundation set with maybelline dream matee powder (the BEST oil control powder IMO) is working for me atm.i will def try the dusting of powder prior to foundation, il let u know how i get on!x

  7. SilhouetteScreams Says:

    I have oily skin, though I dont really do anything to control it – sweating is more the issue that I have to deal with here >_> it's gross and not so pretty

  8. Sarah Says:

    thanks for the advice. I'm gonna try it

  9. EveryDay Makeup (becky) Says:

    Hey Kim thanks for the award šŸ™‚ Love these tips. I have oily skin too and I do something similar to this šŸ™‚

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