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My Go-to Neutral Day Look using MAC products

February 28, 2010

This is my, I’d say “signature” neutral look.  Watch the tutorial (click here) to see how to achieve this look. 

These are the products I used (see pic below).  

Makeup by Kim Porter


Behind the scenes with Kim Porter…

February 28, 2010
These are a few behind the scenes pictures from a maternity photo shoot I did makeup for a few weeks ago.  The expecting mother & the photographer requested a natural look with a glow.  More pictures to follow.   

I gave her eyebrows! 
New Mascara wand per each mascara application! Keeps my makeup germ free!“>Makeup by Kim Porter

Tutorials: MAC Spring Colour Forecast Look & Keri Hilson Inspired Smokey Eye

February 28, 2010

These are two looks I created in a tutorial last night.  Please check my youtube channel (subscribe if you haven’t done so already) to see what I used & how I created each individual look. 

Look using ALL MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection Products (click here) for tutorial
This is a smokey eye inspired by Keri Hilson’s look during the 2010 NAACP Image awards (click here) for tutorial.

Let’s Talk Hair!

February 27, 2010

I cut my hair short (gradually got shorter) April 26, 2008.  It’s almost two years since I’ve had a short haircut.  I’m now contemplating on whether or not I should let it grow out into a bob or longer.  I like the short cut, but after two years, I am BORED!

A lot of people, whether on the street, on blogger, or just my friends/family have commented on my hair & how nice it looks.  I figured I’d let everyone know who does it, and the products I use to maintain my hair in between my weekly(yes, weekly) salon visits. 

Hair Stylist: Sonia (Has been keeping my hair on-point since JHS!)
Salon: Soketah Hair Divas
Location: 563 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205
Phone: (718) 875-6845

***I’m not putting prices because it varies depending on where you go.  The Affirm products I get from Irby Beauty Supply They’ve been the cheapest I’ve seen so far. 

Relaxer:  Avlon Affirm FiberGuard

Conditioner(s): Avlon Affirm FiberGuard Sustenance Fortifying Treatment (used after relaxer), Queen Helene Super   Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream (it makes my hair feel super soft!)

Shampoo: Avlon Affirm FiberGuard Normalizing Shampoo with Color Signal, Design Essentials Deep Cleansing Shampoo w/ Oatmeal.

Miscellaneous:  Aveda Air Control Spray (holds curls without the stickiness), Jane Carter Solutions Scalp Nourishing Serum

Makeup by Kim Porter

MAC Lipstick & Lipglass Swatches

February 27, 2010

Here are swatches of some items I spoke about in a haul click here for post.  Below are the pictures:

Honeyflower (My favorite!)

Bronzilla (Spring Colour Forecast Collection)

Beigeland (MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection)

Show Orchid (MAC Riveting/MAC Pro Only)

Smoked Purple (MAC Pro Only) 
– Picture didn’t come out too well it’s a berry like one of Rihanna’s dark colors

New Berry Lipglass

True Babe Lipglass (Mac Riveting Collection)

Tutorial: Dramatic Colorful look using the 120 Palette & Neutral Look

February 27, 2010

I was home today, so I used the time to record two tutorials. One is for an extremely dramatic look, and the other is on the calmer, more neutral side.  Check them out on my youtube channel.  Subscribe, comment, and rate please! 

Here’s stills of the 1st look (click link for video):

Here’s the neutral look (click for link to tutorial):

Thank you in advance,

Make up by Kim Porter

Updates: Good News!

February 26, 2010

In a post I had written at the beginning of the year I told everyone I would keep them up-to-date with my progress on being a makeup artist.  You can tell from all of my hauls/reviews, that I’ve been buying stuff like crazy trying to build my kit (good God is it expensive; Thank God for discounts!). 

I’ve also been trying to network with professionals with years of experience in this industry who I’d be able to shadow, and learn from.  Yesterday, I got word from a professional celebrity photographer friend of mine, who I used to go to photo shoots with.  He’s very happy for me, and he will “ask his makeup artist friends if they are looking for an assistant/shadow girl.”  This may not sound like a big deal for some of you, but it really is, especially to have someone of that stature in your corner.  

I also got an e-mail from a celebrity makeup artist that I know saying, in summary,  he’s been busy with the Tyra Show, but now that it’s ending, he will have time to be my mentor! GREAT!

***I left out names, but if you know me personally you already know who they are. 

I love the progress that I’m making.  People have been hitting me up to do shoots.  I expect to get very busy.  Even if it doesn’t work out with these connects, I’m still going to push hard for myself. I am the master of my own fate!

Other great news: My Sigma Makeup Professional Premium Brush Kit came TODAY!!! I just recorded a video that’s now on youtube!!!  It came pretty quickly; I ordered it on Monday, February 22, 2010 & it came this Friday, February 26, 2010. 

Make up by Kim Porter

Personal Post: I Joined a Gym!!!

February 25, 2010

I joined Planet Fitness Gym (click link for offer expires February 26th, 2010) yesterday, not only because it was a great deal; $20/month, with a $39 one-time annual fee (for the Black Card Membership) with a good amount of perks, but because after a certain event in my life (way too personal to share) I went up to 133 lbs!!! The biggest I’ve ever been (I’ve always been a “small” girl), and don’t plan on being that big unless for a good reason like pregnancy.  I also want to be & stay healthy.

 It was HARD getting the weight off, but after eating right, and making very small changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator, taking the bus that drops me 4 blocks from my house instead of the one that drops me one block away has truly made a huge difference.  I’m down to 125.75 lbs now! Very close to where I was before, which was 123 lbs.  For my height, my Body Mass Index (BMI) was “normal” at 133lbs, but that’s not okay for me because I was never that size, and a few pounds over, I’d be overweight!  My goal weight is 120 lbs.  Even when I was 109 lbs (too skinny for me in my opinion) I’ve always wanted to be at that weight & maintain it.  123 lbs is good too.  I am 5.75 lbs away from my goal, and I know with some hard work, it will be easy to achieve. I plan on going to the gym at the very least three times a week, 

I know there are people who are ashamed to talk about their weight for whatever insecurity, but I am not.   I’m sharing this because I know there are some people who might be in the same predicament as me, and finds my story encouraging or vice versa.

I’ll keep those of you who are interested up-to-date.  

Thanks for reading!

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Makeup by Kim Porter

Tutorial: Tropical Sunset

February 25, 2010
Here’s the tutorial! (Thanks to Kate Gene for the Name). It’s a little different from the one I did last night since I didn’t add yellow to my lower lash line in the corner. All-in-all it’s the same look! Enjoy! Don’t forget to comment & rate please… oh & subscribe to my youtube channel.

I was working on a tutorial for this look when…. my damn computer unplugged!!! I was at the very end too! Do you know how frustrating that is?  If you like this look, and would like to see me recreate it in a tutorial, let me know by commenting.  

Thank you!!!

Review: Shobha Ingrown Relief Lotion

February 24, 2010

Picture courtesy of Shobha

If you follow my blog, on twitter or know me personally, you will know that I love Shobha, and they are the only people I trust to do my brazillians.  Heck, I followed my waxer, karmjeet from Shobha SoHo to the Madison Avenue location, which is a little troop for me, but that’s how great she is.  Since, I am such a loyal customer, I was given this bottle of ingrown relief lotion during my latest visit during the end of January.  I said to myself, how can this help ingrowns?  Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical.  Low and behold, it worked!

 I applied the cream religiously daily (48 hours after waxing) per the instructions. I stayed bare & smooth (still almost bare, yet still smooth) in my southern region for weeks with no ingrowns.  I would definitely recommend it to you if you get waxes like me.  I will buy  it when I run out.

Price: $22
Here’s some info about the product from Shobha’s website:
“Shobha® Ingrown Relief Lotion offers a sensitive & effective one-step solution for the prevention & treatment of bumps & ingrown hairs caused by hair removal.”

Our formula uses natural ingredients that are effective without being harsh or drying! no worries, it’s free of parabens, color & artificial fragrance.”

-glycolic acid exfoliates

-tea tree oil protects
-chamomile soothes

– glycerin moisturizes

-removes the dead upper layers of skin that can clog hair follicles & redirect hair growth inward

-improves skin tone & texture
-naturally fights off irritation & ingrowns
-keeps skin soft & hydrated
-preserves calmness of the skin & eliminates the tell-tale signs of sensitivity from hair removal treatments

New York followers only
Shobha SoHo is giving customers 25% off brow threading with Bimila include
CODE: NEWSPECIAL when scheduling online, offer expires 4/30/2010

***Disclaimer: This product was not purchased by me, but was given to me as a gift.  This is my un-biased, and honest review of the product mentioned.