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Real Lip Color that will NOT Wear Off – LipSense

July 29, 2009

One day while on twitter, I came across a tweet by Dawn Christian a distributor of SeneGence International Cosmetics ( Dawn was looking for someone to try Lip Sense Liquid lip color, which boasts traits like long wear, waterproof, smear proof, and kiss proof (will not kiss off).  I had never heard of SeneGence prior to Dawn’s tweet, so of course I jumped n the opportunity to try something new especially a product that claims to have all of the aforementioned properties.
The LipSense liquid lip color is basically a specially formulated lip color that tints your lips. To get a really nice deep color, you should apply 3 coats. This is a very thin formula, so 3 coats is not thick at all. In fact the lip color quickly absorbed into my lips, unlike lipstick or lipgloss that lay on top of your lips. LipSense Liquid Lip Color doesn’t contain any moisturizers or emulsifiers, which is how it is able to absorb into your lips and not come off, but I do believe it contains alcohol because that’s the very first thing I smell and feel after its application.
The LipSense Gloss is a high shine Shea Butter gloss. Ultra shiny and ultra moisturizing! The Shea Butter Gloss is what holds the color for longer lasting wear and moisturizes your lips while wearing the Lipsense lip color. You can wear this gloss with the LipSense or on its own.
Dawn mailed me LipSense Lip Color in Bronze Shimmer ($20) along with a clear LipSense Moisturizing Gloss ($16).  Dawn was careful to include instructions on how to use this liquid lip color and noted that I should follow the instructions exactly.  After the application of the product, I know why! There was no way to correct any mistake (going outside of the line of your lip, not fully applying it to your full lip; missing spots at the corners etc.)
The Bronze shimmer color was a little too bright for me, but I still used it for two days.
1. Longwearing/ It does NOT come off!
-I’ve tried rubbing it off with a paper towel and my finger (I finally got it off with Carmex lip balm and a lip & eye makeup remover)
-I drank from a cup, and no colored lip print was left
-I kissed my boyfriend, and no lip color residue was left on his lips. That, he was happy about.
2. Quality The product doesn’t crack, roll, crumble, fade in the center, dry, no matter how often you roll your lips.
3. Worth the Price
This product is PERFECT for brides & to wear on special occasions – even to the beach!
-As I previously mentioned, it’s the first thing I smelled. It’s a mix of paint thinner and alcohol. I don’t know if it’s something I would get used to.  I don’t like chemical smells.
Getting it off
2. Application
 -It takes time, and patience to apply this product. Unlike regular gloss where you can just apply and go, this is a product you absolutely need to be in front of a mirror for, with good lighting, and apply accurately or else you will have to start over. It’s not for low-maintenance people.
3. The burn
 -I’m not really a fan of that effect. IT also scared me a little. I began to think, ‘Will I get a breakout?’
4. Taste

If you lick it, it will taste very slightly c


Yves Saint Laurent Gloss Volupté – Try for FREE

July 23, 2009

Be among the elite first to try on Gloss Volupté—not to mention other fabulous YSL fall looks—at Bergdorf Goodman’s NYC beauty counter, from 11 am to 7 pm, July 27-August 1. 

754 5th Ave
New York, NY 10019
(212) 753-7300

Eyebrow Shaping with Tweezers

July 22, 2009

The right brow shape can and will make a dramatic difference in the way you look.

Some people cannot handle waxing/sugaring, even threading because their skin is overly sensitive, which will cause them to breakout in the area they got threaded or waxed.  This happens to my sister, so I tweeze her brows for her, and after tweezing she has no bumps.

1. Wipe area clean with alcohol
2. OPTIONAL: If you dislike pain, try numbing the area with a  topical numbing cream or spray.
3. I put a little Vaseline on my brows after I brushed them so I can see the shape better.

***Don’t stand too close to the mirror when shaping

Decide on what shape you’d like your eyebrow to be. This is where it gets a little confusing.
You can mark each section off with a white brow pencil or concealer to cover the hairs you’ll tweeze, & tweeze after or you can tweeze as you go along.
4. If u take a pencil, pen or something long & slim hold it parallel to the side of your nose. Where the brush meets your brow is where your brow should begin.

5. To find the end of your brow, extend the pencil diagonally from your nostril, following the outside edge of your eye toward the brow. Where the inside edge of the pencil hits is where your brow should end.
6. To find your arch hold the pencil parallel to the outside edge of the colored part of your eye (the iris). Where the pencil meets the brow is where the highest part of your brow should be.
TWEEZE CORRECTLY!: Hold skin taut by gently holding skin firm with your free hand while tweezing, means less tugging and pain on the skin.
If the hair is just too short for tweezing, don’t push the tweezers into the skin. Scraping, bleeding or even scarring can result if you get a little too forceful with your tweezers. Having some hair is a better option over broken skin. Instead, just wait until the hair is a bit longer and can be easily grabbed on to.

7.Trim your brows -Brush them up and the really long hairs will be very visible. Snip it with a pair of tiny scissors.

I use these tweezers because it allows you to get a more precise line & clean look like if you waxed or threaded. They’re expensive but, they have a lifetime guarantee & you can always send them back to be sharpened. La Cross sells similar ones for a cheaper price I think $6.99 or something.

If you live in Brooklyn, I’ll do yours for you – for a fee of course lol

Bulging belly? Foods that shrink your stomach

July 17, 2009
What to eat?

Two kinds of fiber

Why it beats bloat: Constipation distends your belly, and one easy way to get rid of it is by starting each morning with a breakfast cereal that guarantees your body a daily dose of fiber. This gets the digestive system moving within a day or so and keeps it that way. Based on a recent study of breakfast cereals, University of Toronto researchers say that consuming two kinds of fiber at once is most effective. The scientists found that participants had an easier time staying regular with a cereal that contained both insoluble fiber (from bran) and gel-like soluble fiber (from psyllium). The two types work together to pull water into your colon and speed up elimination, explains Joanne Slavin, PhD, a professor of food science and nutrition at the University of Minnesota. The result? You look and feel lighter.

Good food fix: 1/3 cup Kellogg’s All-Bran Bran Buds each day.

Potassium-rich foods

Why they beat bloat: Foods such as bananas and potatoes help your body get rid of excess water weight, minimizing your middle. The extra fluid is typically present because the two main minerals that control the amount of water in your body — potassium and sodium — have gotten out of balance. When your sodium level is too high, your tissues hold on to fluid. You can restore your sodium-potassium equilibrium by i ncreasing your potassium intake to an optimum 4,700 mg per day. To do this, you need to eat about 4 1/2 cups of produce daily, including the especially rich sources that are mentioned below. As you rebalance your system, you’ll flush out the extra sodium along with the water. Presto: less puffiness.

Watch out, though. Food is a safe source of potassium, but supplements are not. They can cause potassium to build up in your body and potentially lead to abnormal heart rhythms and even heart attack, especially in people with kidney or heart problems, says Leslie Bonci, RD, MPH, director of sports medicine nutrition for the Center for Sports Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Good food fixes: 1 medium baked potato with skin, 1 medium banana, 1 medium papaya, 1/2 cup steamed edamame, 1/2 cup tomato sauce, 1/2 cup cooked spinach, 1 medium orange
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Why it beats bloat: Research published in Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics reveals that an imbalance of bacteria in your gut can cause your digestive system to slow down and your belly to puff up. However, yogurts that contain live bacteria, otherwise known as probiotics, can help. Though researchers don’t fully understand the mechanism, a study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that the bacteria seem to tame tummy bloat by causing an improvement in intestinal mobility, thereby relieving constipation.

Good food fix: a daily 4-ounce container of low-fat or fat-free yogurt containing live, active cultures
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More fluids

Why they beat bloat: Drinking enough liquid supports the other ways you’re trying to flatten your tummy, says Bonci. For example, she explains, when there’s enough fluid present in your system, the dual-fiber cereal you have eaten is better able to pull liquid into your lower intestine and ease constipation. “Women who don’t drink sufficient fluids can get that blown-up belly feeling, despite all the ir other efforts to get rid of it,” warns Bonci.

How much fluid do you need? Getting rid of bloat means being well hydrated, so aim for at least 8 glasses of liquid each day, plus plenty of fluidrich foods, such as fruits and vegetables. You can meet your quota with any liquid, including water, milk, juice, coffee, and tea — though not alcohol, which has a dehydrating effect on your system.

Good food fix: Tap water is an excellent option because it has no calories, salt, sugar, or additives. And it’s free!

What not to eat?


Why it causes bloat: Sodium makes you retain water, puffing up your belly. Most of us eat more than twice as much sodium as we should — topping 3,400 mg a day, rather than the recommended 1,500, according to the CDC.

Good strategies: Stop salting your food at the table, and check for sodium on the labels of packaged foods, which provide about three-quarters of the daily intake for most women.
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Candy, soda and gum

Why they cause bloat: Once air from any source reaches your digestive syst em, you experience it as gas and a distended belly. Eating or drinking quickly, sipping through a straw, sucking on hard candy, and chewing gum can make you swallow air.

Good strategies: “When eating, chew slowly with your mouth closed,” says Bonci. Trade carbonated drinks for flat ones, such as juice or water, and lose the gum and candies.
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Sugar alcohols

Why they cause bloat: We don’t completely digest these low-cal sweeteners (found in flavored waters and low-carb, diabetic, and sugar-free foods). Bacteria in the large intestine ferment them, causing gas and even diarrhea.

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Raw produce

Why it causes bloat: Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy, but they’re also high-volume foods that take up room in your stomach, distending it.

Good strategies: Spread fresh produce consumption over the day, so at any sitting you’re not eating more than one-third of the recommended daily total of 4 1/2 cups. You can also shrink produce by cooking it, creating a more compact serving, Bonci says.
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Article courtesy of Health:

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Trish McEvoy Power of Makeup Class – July 17- August 1st

July 17, 2009

Trish McEvoy’s specially trained makeup artists will be at a Nordstrom location near you this month to teach Power of Makeup Classes.

There is nothing like getting a professional makeup lesson and this is an opportunity to learn tips and techniques from a group makeup artist.  In addition, Trish McEvoy’s makeup artists will be sharing new product information.
Classes will be held in Nordstrom stores across the country from July 17 through August 1st.  To reserve a spot in a Trish McEvoy Power of Makeup Class or for more information, contact the Trish McEvoy counter at your local Nordstrom.

Make Up Do’s & Don’ts

July 16, 2009

Makeup Do’s


Play up your best features! Long eyelashes are to beautiful eyes what a short skirt is to great legs.

Use a light hand. Remember you can always add more makeup if you need it.

Blend! Blend! Blend!  There should be no “stripes” on your face. You’re a lady, not a quarterback.

Adjust the amount of make up to the time of day. LESS for day, more for night.

Use clean tools to do the job. Nothing is worse than using a dirty brush on a clean face.

Cover your clothes with a towel/cape before applying makeup. You don’t want to get messed up!

Practice and try new things…that’s how you’re going to get good, and comfortable with putting your best face forward


Makeup Don’ts


Go overboard. No need to wear layers of makeup. Clowns are cute…at the circus!

Focus on more than one feature at a time. Going for a strong lip? Then go easy on the eyes and vice versa too.

Think that makeup will hide all your problems. If you have skin issues like acne, work on clearing it up before you wear make-up regularly.

Fall into the trend trap. Just because you saw it in a beauty and style magazine doesn’t make it right for you!

Wear what you don’t love. Don’t let the lady at the beauty counter convince you that you look great when you think you look a hot mess.

Learning to use these makeup application tips isn’t hard. It’s 20% skill and 80% practice. As long as you stay far away from the no-no’s you’ll be fine!

BEST PART: If you’re not satisfied with your work, use a makeup remover, wash your face and start over. Remember, it’s not permanent (unless you want it to be but that’s another story!)


O.k., now that you know what and what not to do, time to hop to it.   Practice makes perfect!



The Makeup Show NYC 2010

July 16, 2009
For the fourth time the Makeup Show New York brings the industry together like no other trade event has before. The biggest brands. Top industry exhibitors. Speakers from every area of makeup artistry. New product introductions. Special Pro-only offers. Seminars, forums and hands-on workshops. The best networking opportunity in the business.
It’s a must-attend event for anyone involved in the makeup industry. Two days (Sunday, May 16th and Monday, May 17th) of inspiration, education and community building in the global epicenter of the beauty and entertainment industries – New York City.
From the most popular products in the industry to new discoveries waiting around each corner, The Makeup Show New York brings together an incredible range of pro-driven brands, services and educators. Learn about the newest lines and product launches. Investigate makeup workshops and school programs. Network with your peers. Develop new relationships with the companies that make the industry tick.

Location: 125 West 18 street, Bet 6th-7th Avenue, New York City

*Presented by The Powder Group and Metropolitan Pavilion

Tanning Season: Achieving the Perfect Summer Glow

July 13, 2009

When I was younger, I ABSOLUTELY HATED getting a tan because after being in the sun for a while, my skin would have a dirty looking tint to it instead of a golden/bronze glow.  It wasn’t until a few years ago, I didn’t mind having a nice golden glow in the summer from a tan.  I realized that exfoliating before and after tanning helps give you a nice, even, glowing tan, instead of looking dark & dirty.

Your skin is made up of millions of tiny skin cells. These cells don’t live long, and eventually they die and fall off. Don’t worry, there are more getting made every second of every day. But the important thing is to realize that they do die and they do fall off.

So when you tan, it only reaches the very top layer. It stands to reason that you want that top layer to be as new and alive as possible doesn’t it? Therefore you need to get rid of all the old, dried up, dead skin cells prior to your tan. If you have not exfoliated for a while then you might like to do it a couple of nights in a row leading up to whenyou will sunbathe.   Without exfoliating first, the sun tanning can actually cause blotches and discolorations.

Bringing a timer with you when you tan can be very handy. You do not want to stay out in the sun too long and when you are laying, relaxing in the warm sun, the time can really get away from you. Carry a timer in order to time when you should turn over so that y ou tan evenly on each side of your body. A timer or stopwatch can help to avoid ‘over baking’ out in the hot sun.

DON’T FORGET THE SUNBLOCK!  I use Aveeno’s Continuous Protection Sublock Spray SPF 70
FYI: The Higher the SPF, the longer it will take you to tan. So for my darker skinned sisters, you’d probably want to use SPF 70 & higher

What I use to exfoliate?
Mesh Gloves, which can be found at your local CVS or Duane Reade for $3.49.  Never use a sea salt scrub after sun bathing, it will cause your skin to burn like you poured alcohol onto a wound! OMG!!! I learned my lesson .:lol:.

Also, I use Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil gel after exfoliating, which makes my skin extra smooth & glowy. 


July 7, 2009


Free mojitos are on the menu for Mondays. Bacardi is teaming up withthe Crowne Plaza Times Square's bar to tempt you with two hours ofcomped mint and rum fueled revelry, every Monday from 6pm to 8pm,throughout the Summer. Consider it a reward for getting through thefirst day of the work week.Broadway 49 Bar & Lounge at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, 1605Broadway (at 49th Street), Midtown West, (212) 977-4000,

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NETWORK TUESDAYS at No Malice Palace NYC – E. Village

July 7, 2009

Come mingle, drink and network with fellow industry professionals at ‘No Malice Palace’ on July 7th, 2009 (no cover, 21+).

Location: 197 E. 3RD STREET (NR. AVE B) New York, NY
DJ RaiZe will be spinning hip-hop and R&B at this spacious bar and outdoor covered patio. This event is perfect for networking your way to the top!

(please invite at least 5 friends, more people, more networking)
check your events page for more info.

See you there tomorrow!